Forum Rules on Ticket Sales and Requests

If you’re after a ticket for an Arsenal game or have one to spare, then let your fellow Gooners know in this section and hopefully you’ll find a match. Please ensure you take the time to read the rules for this section carefully before posting.
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Forum Rules on Ticket Sales and Requests

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This section exists to help regular users of the forum to buy/sell spare tickets for Arsenal matches. To discourage people from using the forum purely as a ticket exchange, only people with a minimum of 20 posts (a number which will increase over time) should post in this section. Anyone who posts with less than this number is likely to have their message deleted.

Each Arsenal match will have a separate thread created by a moderator which ensures that there is a natural “first come, first served” order of priority maintained.

Please post offers or requests for tickets only in the relevant thread. If you post in the wrong thread, your message is likely to be deleted.

We actively discourage all forms of touting on this forum, so to make it clear to everybody, the rules on tickets - whether you are buying or selling - are as follows:

Sell or offer to buy only at face value or below. Any ticket/s offered must state the face value price of the ticket plus any club booking fee that has been incurred and is being asked for. Posts which fail to do this are likely to be deleted.

Season tickets being offered should be offered at the same price that silver members are charged depending on whether the game is a grade A or grade B game. These can be found at the bottom of this page -

We want as many of the forum regulars as possible to benefit from this section and therefore ask that ticket transactions are limited to a maximum of four tickets per match per member.

If you spot abuse of any of these guidelines, please PM either Mike1 or one of the other moderators. If there is sufficient evidence of people attempting to profit on sales of tickets, they are breaking the law and will be permanently banned from the forum.

If, at some point, you buy a beer or two for the seller in the pub by way of thanks, that’s OK, but there should be no financial add on to face value (excepting any club charged booking fee).

If recorded delivery postage has to be involved, then fair enough, but sort that out between yourselves once a sale has been arranged.

We strongly recommend that if tickets are sent by post, that the sender should record details of seat location before posting and mail recorded delivery. The seller and buyer should also PM each other a phone number, ideally a mobile to ensure there is a very quick way of making contact in the event of problems either side. However, we do not recommend you post phone numbers on actual threads if you can help it for precautionary reasons.

With regards paying for tickets, the buyer and seller will need to agree on what suits them. However, we would recommend sorting it out in advance using online bank transfers (which now usually clear the same day they are made) or PayPal, especially if the two parties are not going to meet.

If they are meeting at the ground, then we cannot stress strongly enough that you should not complete the financial transaction in a public area as you may find yourself arrested for the offence of ticket touting even if you are not profiting from the transaction. To understand why we stress this, please take the time to read The Gooner Editor’s own experiences in March 2012... ... ial&id=359 ... ial&id=360

As a buyer you may be willing to pay over the odds, but true Arsenal fans that give a damn about their fellow Gooners should not look to profit from selling a spare, so please do not offer more than the ticket cost and help keep the forum tout free.

Finally, people may find the lists of trustworthy and untrustworthy buyers/sellers in this section useful, although we cannot vouch for the reasons why people are on either list except that they have been recommended by other members, presumably as a result of successfully completed transactions.

Please be aware that any deals you do via this site are done entirely at your own risk.