Man Utd (A) 2017/18

If you’re after a ticket for an Arsenal game or have one to spare, then let your fellow Gooners know in this section and hopefully you’ll find a match. Please ensure you take the time to read the rules for this section carefully before posting.
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Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by gooner.ed »

by request of stefanek...

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by goonertom1995 »

Be looking for 2 tickets to this. Can anyone help at all? Can be vouched for by quite a few on here.

Thank you


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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by cardinal2011 »


Can I throw my hat into the ring for four tickets? It is my sons 7th birthday that weekend and he would love to go to this game. Ideally it would be four seated together or 2 + 2.

If anyone can help then that would be awesome. Surely people would rather stay at home then travel to Old Shatford to see us get dicked!!


Sally Cinnamon
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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by Sally Cinnamon »

Looking for one spare for this. Bought off here before. Thanks.

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by clockendlower »

Looking for a membership to add to an order for this. Bought off here before.

Thanks :barscarf:

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by UlsterGooner »

Looking for membership to add to order

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by IrishJB »

Will have 1 memb available (though 18 credits) thus dependent upon whether it goes to 15+ let me know if interested via PM


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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by Tucker »

one spare for Man utd

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by stefanek »

Looking for a Single if anyone has available. On the trusted Buyers and Sellers list - PM me if you can help

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Re: Man Utd (A) 2017/18

Post by leono1 »

Tucker wrote:one spare for Man utd

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