Grumpy Git - things that "literally" get on my tit

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Grumpy Git - things that "literally" get on my tit

Post by goonersid »

Here are 10 things that irritate me, how about you?

1. People who pull up outside the supermarket and park on the double yellow lines, cos they are too fucking lazy to walk from the car park.

2. People who go to the 10 items or less checkout with a fucking shed full of items

3. During the recent cold spell; terrified drivers doing 5mph no matter what the road conditions (especially women in 4x4s fucking whores)

4. Non-attentive shop assistants and bar staff, (I can assure you having visited many places in GB and Ireland, that we in Derry have the worst in the British Isles if not the world, lazy fucking bastards :oops: except the staff at my local :wink: )

5. Dance music, Hip pop and any other such like fucking shite.

6. Reality TV shows.

7. People at ATMs who appear to be using one for the first time in their bastard lives.

8. People who take up 2 parking spots, in an attempt to avoid having their door dented. (I can assure you if I'm in the car park it will cause you to have your door dented, you fucking arseholes)

9. Most of the people I work with. (fucking incapable bluffers and dossers)

10. Benefit cheats. (lazy good for nothing scum)
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Post by marcengels »


11. Airports - Security, as we know is a nightmare but neccessary, so what can we all do to make things go quicker? Yes, that's right, talk non-stop to your freinds/family/yourself for 20 minutes while waiting in the queue, then only when you get to the x-ray machine do you take your jacket off, take money out of your pockets, remove liquids from your bag - and remember you have a laptop tucked away somewhere :banghead:

12. 6-0-6 - This show has been on air for more than 20 years - Turn your fucking radio off when you are on air.


P.S. Greath thread sid - but how the fuck did it take you so long? :lol:

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Post by MegaGooner »

13.People who don't use their indicator signals when driving :banghead:

14.Women who don't know how to operate a toilet seat :banghead: ...if it's up-put it down 8)

15. People who come onto an internet forum to moan about what works on their tits :banghead: :shock: :wink:

Just kidding Sid

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Post by Boomer »

16. Why no women on this forum will respond to this thread! :roll:

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Post by Gooner_Sam »

17. Slow walkers - MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY

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Post by Chips and Chocolate »

18. Drink-driving... cûnt!!!

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Post by Dan_85 »

19. Tourists & general fucking idiots on the tube. Standing on the wrong side of the escalator, blocking the entrance to the platform whilst they try to work out if they want to go North or Southbound & stopping to have conversations/find their tickets in front of the ticket gates so I can't get through. Get out of my fucking way!

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Post by Henry Norris 1913 »

Gooner_Sam wrote:17. Slow walkers - MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY
20- People in the High Street trying to stop you and flog you a credit card "excuse me can I have a moment of your time "?

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Post by storrmin571 »

21 Charity fund raisers on the high street. I now find a hand in the face works best.

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Post by marcengels »

storrmin571 wrote:21 Charity fund raisers on the high street. I now find a hand in the face works best.

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Post by SWLGooner »

22-*word censored* who walk too slowly.

23-The *word censored* who works at Putney train station who wouldn't let me through today, despite my clearly having a fucking ticket, just because I made him move his fucking fat arse yesterday, causing me to miss my train. Now he's saying I "verbally assaulted him". You fucking bet. Fuck right off.

24-people who don't know how to use the Tube. Fucking figure it out before getting stuck in the fucking barrier.

25-the wankers coming up the stairs when you are trying to go down who decide it's perfectly A-fucking-OK to walk up both sides of the stairs carrying on their conversation about fucking gardening, and call you a twat when you simply go flying between them, simply trying to catch a fucking train. Is it too hard too simply move you *word censored*?

26-Charity people on the high street. I could not give less of a fuck about whatever intractable social problem you are haranguing me about, fuck off out of the way or I will shove you into the fucking bollard, and don't complain when I don't choose to give you money, of which I have none. Fuck off with your self-righteous fucking grins as well.

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Post by psychoangus »

27. People who stop walking altogether on the street to look through a shop window. Get. To. Fuck.

28. People who queue up at an ATM across the pavement instead of down the side of the building, creating a police-like cordon for pedestrians to force their way through. Are you fucking stupid?

29. People who use the right hand lane at a roundabout and then squeeze across at the last moment going round to go straight on. I want to kill you.[/i]

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Post by HashKads »

30.) Bastards who decide to read the Evening Standard in the middle of the tube, fully open like there isn't a need for space during rush hour. Fold the newspaper over you fucking bastards.

31.) Whore women who decide to broadcast their life stories to each other on the 9.34 from Enfield Chase, what ever carriage I move to the bitches are there. I don't care about your fucking problems you whore.

32.) This is a repeat to Sids but people who take up 2 spaces in a car park really riles me and deserve a little key all the way along the car.

33.) Rude customer service really bugs me, ring O2 on different days and you'll get different fucking answers. :banghead:

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Post by olgitgooner »

Great thread. 8)

34. Happy smiling faces who knock on your door and try to get you to change your energy supplier. FUCK OFF!!!!

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Post by olgitgooner »

35) Old age pensioners who have all fucking day to pay the bill at the newsagent. But decide to do it during everyone else's lunchbreak.

36) as above, but ask if the bill is correct and go through all the fucking details of the newspapers they never received (although they actually had received, but forgotten about) :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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