Annoying Trick or Treaters

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Annoying Trick or Treaters

Post by CloakedGooner »

Is it just me or are trick or treaters getting older, later and cheekier each year? Even had two at the door earlier asking for money! I gave them a lollipop and told them to f.uck off 8)

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Re: Annoying Trick or Treaters

Post by DB10GOONER »

Shoot them. 8)


:lol: :wink:

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Re: Annoying Trick or Treaters

Post by The Arsenal Way »

Over here, a child was given someones meds in her sweetie bag when out T or T night.
The child had to go to the local hospital, and was released the following day, and no lasting damage.
Annoying as they are, that was just too much.
I find that leaving several empty beer bottles at the front door prevents them knocking.

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Re: Annoying Trick or Treaters

Post by Herd »

I used to give them hash cakes and mini mars bars with lsd in them ,but now I just put rhohypnol in the orange juice and then follow them down the road mauhahahahahahahahahah !
Seriously though I hate the practice ,its American and only started in this country after ET ,a great film but has a lot to answer for !

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