The End of International Football? Merged thread.

As we're unlikely to see terraces again at football, this is the virtual equivalent where you can chat to your hearts content about all football matters and, obviously, Arsenal in particular. This forum encourages all Gooners to visit and contribute so please keep it respectful, clean and topical.
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Re: Ingerland ! Best team in the world!

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I'm just gonna slip this one (oo-er missus) into the other interlull thread.... Giggity. :wink:

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Re: The End of International Football? Merged thread.

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As we head towards another mega exciting international break (zzzzzz.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), I was trying to think of ways to liven it up, but nope I've got nothing

The best I could come up with is that they let Alan Partridge be the studio host or pitch side interviewer for the England v Oireland game, which would surely be more entertaining than anything we're likely to see on the pitch

Best of luck to Serbia too :wink:

Other than that, I'll see you all on the other side when we have the swashbuckling, free scoring Gunners to look forward to banging them in for fun at Leeds.

Ok nurse, just a sec.....get the tablets ready...

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