The futures bright the futures red and white

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The futures bright the futures red and white

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I was thinking i know the futures bright for arsenal but wat young gun is gonna take whose place in the team

will almunia be our new number 1 or will we sign some1 else

mart poom-when will he retire

we deffo need a replacement for sendros his just a liability

our other defenders will be


hoyte-likes a sing song on the bench-legend


toure-should be captain


traoure-will he stay or will he go


then theres the midfield

hleb-looks better every game

diaby-great potential and a great future ahead, the new vieira


denilseon-only 19.....who will he replace tho

flamani-looks better every time i see him

gilberto silva-hope we keep him for as long as possible-could also be a good captain


ljungberg-who will replace him, will be hard to fill his boots

and will the beast stay or go

theo(when on the right) maybe freddies replacement.....deffo 1 for the future needs to get stronger gets nudged off the ball to easily

then we got the strikers

henry-not looking his best at the moment, is he past his best? should we sell him whilst we can get money?, after speculation that we could be signing eto, maybe a swap deal there

adebayor-showing great potentiol, kanu in disguise maybe just a lil bit better

alliadiaire, we should let him go, has his good days but not a first team for arsenal, maybe a bburn like player

RvP- the new bergkamp



have them bottom 2 gotta chance????

Let me know wat u all think :D :D :D

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