C Debenture For Sale

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C Debenture For Sale

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I have a C debenture that I am looking to sell. It was purchased for £5000 back in the summer of 2003 and I am looking to recoup the full purchase price. In 2028 it can be redeemed for £9,851.80

It gives you the option to buy a season ticket at any price point within the Emirates, subject to availability. It also allows you to not take up a season ticket for a season or seasons, but be guaranteed a season ticket for future seasons without having to join any season ticket waiting lists.

In addition, if you join the silver bond membership scheme, currently about £20 per season I think, you can apply for tickets on a match by match basis, by post, one week in advance of all other silver members. This means that if you get your postal application in on time, you will be guaranteed a ticket for that match, and presumably with first pick of available seats.

The debenture is accruing compound interest at a rate of 2.75% per year, and the redemption value as of 31 July 2014 was £6,738.61, although as I said above the first available redemption date is 2028.

Anyone with a genuine interest feel free to get in touch and I can send you the full terms and conditions in electronic format. No offers less than £5,000 please.

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