Several issues to be sorted from last night

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Several issues to be sorted from last night

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1; The FA can no longer justify keeping the clown they call Graham Poll on the Premiership referee list. His reason for not giving the Freddie penalty shout was absolutely laughable along with the fact that Blackburn should have had a good few more cards shown for the persistent fouling going on all game.

2; Julio Baptista is not a striker. The fact he scored the large majority of his goals from midfield in Spain proves the point, leading onto.....

3; AW's tactical nouse!! Baptista upfront yet again, Senderos being told to play at right back when switching Gallas would have made more sense. Will he ever just tell Walcott to get his head down and roast a full back time and time again?

4; Hleb the enigma, how can this guy put in one great performance and then churn out 3 or 4 crap ones?? He gave the ball away more than TH did against PSV!

There will be some of you that disagree with what i have put but hey its a message board, all i am concerned about is how big the PSV game has now become especially as Koeman will play 11 behind the ball. I see a repeat of last night happening unless we can once again find our shooting boots against Reading.

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