Worst St Paddies Day Ever

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Worst St Paddies Day Ever

Post by goonersid »

Pubs not open, no party at home, parades cancelled, we’re all going to die from Corona Virus and it’s fucking pissin down :cussing:

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Re: Worst St Paddies Day Ever

Post by corkbarry »

Not all bad, i just watched Incredibles 2 :barscarf:
And also us beating Spuds 5 4 on you tube.

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Re: Worst St Paddies Day Ever

Post by augie »

With every passing day here it is seeming more like the end of the world - every hour there is a different c.unt coming out with bigger projections than the c.unt on before him, and it is feeling like we are all in some sort of apocalypse movie :cry: Not big on paddy's day parades myself, but the pubs being closed is a disaster imo

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Re: Worst St Paddies Day Ever

Post by Herd »

Paddies day is like Christmas full of part time drinkers !
Seeing people have drinking races with Guiness though is pure comedy gold however.

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