European Super League

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Re: European Super League

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rodders999 wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 2020 11:16 am
Jock Gooner wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:06 am
From what I've picked up on TV (not the beeb of course) I got the gist that this would replace the current CL set up only. I have no issue with hacking away some of the dross that feature in the group stages. UEFA have continued to inflate the competition for their own purposes so I'm all for anything which pokes them in the eye.

There does need to be some promotion / relegation and that could easily be achieved with a mini tournament between contenders.

We and others were involved in superleague talks as far back as the 1990s as I recall, before the American owners became involved :rubchin:
Replacing the champions league my hairy hole, there will be 16 -18 teams involved, home and away games - you're looking at 30+ games a season. How do you think that's gonna affect the domestic league? I'll tell ya how..... it's gonna fuck it right in the arsehole.

If this thing gets the green light it will be the death of domestic football.

You damn well better leave your hairy hole out of it. I seem to recall somebody mentioning the other day that we reduce the size of the PL by two (4 games), do away with the League Cup (potentially 6 games) and the Charity Shield. It takes 13 games to get to the final of the CL. If any new structure keeps the numbers to 16 then the difference isn't really that much. This superleague shit has been going on for so long in one guise or another that perhaps the only way to resolve it is to give it a try as the moneymen clearly won't let it go away.

Domestic football could maybe do with a kick up the arse. Paying good money to sit in the bowl on a cold December Sunday at 4.30 watching us huff and puff against Brighton or Palace after a big Ropey cup Thursday night out in Azerbaijan isn't exactly the stuff of Highbury legends.

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Re: European Super League

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Falkirk you know what's going to happen, City or Liverpool or even ourselves will have a big game against Barcelona of a Wednesday night and they'll throw out the stiffs in the domestic league the Saturday before.

Only a matter of time before clubs play weaker teams in their own league to concentrate on this monstrosity because that's where all the money will be.

Once you're throwing out reserve sides in your own league then that league is as good as dead....and these owners don't give a shit because they just follow the money.

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Re: European Super League

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Fully believe this will happen in the next 5-10 years!
Simply because, football is a money driven industry!
The Arsenals, UTDs, etc don’t need the Fulhams etc!
Just as Bayern dont need Schalke!
Barca dont need whoever!
Sky, BT etc,, Will pay top dollar to broadcast what would be “huge” games every week!
Of course it will replace national leagues!
There would be at least 18 teams!
Thats 34 games! Unless it’s a closed shop, then you could play each other once a season, rotating home adavantage? Doubtful though!
Funny thing is, I was chatting to a sperz workmate and suggested “it could be grest for sperz, as they would have a great chance if winning plge” he nearly blew his top!
The deluded wanker, couldn’t comprehend, them not being in the plge 5 to take part :lol:

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