April Fools Day jokes

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April Fools Day jokes

Post by CloakedGooner »

Any good April Fools Day jokes floating about today?

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Re: April Fools Day jokes

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Arsene Wenger is still manager of Arsenal.

And people still pay to watch Arsenal matches at the bowl :banghead:

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Re: April Fools Day jokes

Post by goonersid »

I always make the missus breakfast in bed when I’m home at weekend! So I did my usual “tray in hand” slow climb up the stairs on Sunday morning, opened the door just as she was propping up her pillow and said “what the fuck are you sitting up for?!!!
Didn’t go down too well :D

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Re: April Fools Day jokes

Post by Nos89 »

Working in retail as i currently do, I called a colleague of mine and told him the duty manager hadn't turned up and I needed someone to open the shop. He lives closer to the shop than I do. 15 minutes later he called me from outside the shop, proper annoyed after realising that it was Easter Sunday and we didn't open on Easter Sunday.

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